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Global Submit - Everything you need to know about SEO

     About Web Marketing
Web Marketing has evolved over the years from a simple system of submitting your website to the few search engines and directories that were in existence to a complex, multi-faceted, specialised branch of marketing.

No longer is website promotion the preserve of search engine optimisation specialists. Today, most new media and advertising agencies have a member of staff or even entire department devoted to the task.

What was once seen as some sort of wizardry is now a highly sophisticated, industry accepted, and highly lucrative facet of the great marketing machine.

Website marketing has grown up.

       Internet Promotion Glossary
A graphic or banner on a web page that when clicked on, takes the visitor to another site.

Affiliate marketing
System whereby a merchant or advertiser pays other sites a commission for sending visitors to their site.

A graphic image (static, or rich media) that is placed on a website as an advertisement to increase ...
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