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Global Submit - Everything you need to know about SEO

     About Web Marketing
Web Marketing has evolved over the years from a simple system of submitting your website to the few search engines and directories that were in existence to a complex, multi-faceted, specialised branch of marketing.

No longer is website promotion the preserve of search engine optimisation specialists. Today, most new media and advertising agencies have a member of staff or even entire department devoted to the task.

What was once seen as some sort of wizardry is now a highly sophisticated, industry accepted, and highly lucrative facet of the great marketing machine.

Website marketing has grown up.

       When Flash Goes Bad (for Search Engine Promotion)
"Oh, no" the Flash designers groan, "not another SEO specialist debunking Flash". Ready for a shock? I love Flash, I think it's great. Picked yourself up off the floor yet? OK, read on.

Usability experts and search engine promotion specialists have traditionally viewed Flash as a hindrance, if not a detriment, to good website design. But is the problem with Flash technology itself? Or is it with the ...
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