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     Website Marketing - Promote Your Site
Gone are the days when website promotion was as simple as submitting to 6 search engines, Yahoo, and asking for links from the 4 other sites in your industry.

Today's version of website marketing is a mature, complex affair. Even if you only opt for search engine optimisation and pay per click the options, pricing structures, guidelines and rumours are so many that it can be hard to find a concrete answer on what the winning formula actually is.

What works for one website may not work for another. As with any form of advertising, online marketing must be undertaken after due diligence and then must be carefully monitored, analysed, tweaked, reanalysed and tweaked yet again.

How you go about your online marketing today is dependent on your budget, target marketing, goals, in-house capabilities, outsourcing options and what the current trends are both in organic and paid listings.

The one thing that remains constant for all businesses is: you cannot afford not to promote your website.