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  The Link Builder - Your Website's Ambassador
I am always amazed when I receive a "sweatshop" link request. I simply cannot believe that any self respecting website owner would allow their company to be presented in such an unprofessional manner.

It strikes me as incredibly inconsistent that the same companies who insist on a uniform email signature and a standardized method of capitalising the company name then outsource their link building to people who can't even spell, much less present a politely compelling case for a link.

People fail to realise that the link request email is often the first impression the receiver will have of your site and thus your company. The link builder is in fact your website's ambassador.

How do you know that the people receiving a poorly written link request for your website aren't your current or potentially future customers? What sort of effect do you think it's having on your brand's positioning or even on sales? Would you outsource your telemarketing to someone who couldn't speak the language fluently and had no grasp of telephone etiquette? Well, what makes you think it should be any different with link building?

The person sending out link building requests on your behalf is speaking for your company. You've heard the old axiom "first impressions count", well, the first impression most people get from these spam link requests are not the sort I would want associated with my site or company.

The reverse is also true. If the link builder you choose is professional and competent their efforts will have a positive effect on your website marketing strategy, not only in links secured but in how your website is perceived.

Link building is a part of the overall marketing of your website and company. Don't leave it to just anyone.

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