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  Link Building is Child's Play
Please don't misunderstand the title. I am not inferring that link building is easy. What I am saying is that some people get it and some people just don't.

My son is totally into Lego.com, he loves the site, the games, the activities and the message boards. And he's link building. He has his own little Lego.com page and he is busy getting his Lego.com friends to view it and link to it from theirs. I didn't tell him to do this, no one showed him how. It just made sense to him and so he did it, with a lot of success I might add.

The best link builders do it intuitively. They understand why it should be done and why it's worth the time and effort; they can adapt a link request email to an individual site owner; they know how to sell you on the idea of linking to them; they are creative in their approaches; they treat link building as a challenge rather than a chore.

There are techniques to be learned - tricks of the trade if you will, ideas to experiment with and methods to master. But if you are the sort of person to whom the philosophy of link building makes sense then all the rest will fall into place if you put in enough time, research and testing.

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