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  Is SEO Still Necessary?
In these days where PPC is all the rage is SEO still necessary? Why would you go through all the effort of designing a search engine friendly site, scruitinzing every page of to make sure it is keyword rich or begging for links when you can simply pay a few pennies for every visitor instead?

There are two very compelling reasons:
  1. Organic search engine listings are FREE. OK, that's not entirely true. You pay for the rankings in the time and effort it costs you to optimize your site. But once it's fully search engine friendly and you have an established set of high quality inbound links you're pretty much finished aside from the addition of new content or the occasional link request.
  2. Organic search engine listings are a searcher's first choice. No matter how well written your PPC ad is it's still an ad. Searchers know it's an ad just as they know (or rather, assume) that the organic listings are a set of unbiased, quality controlled and highly relevant answers to their query.
It used to be estimated that 60 - 90% of a website's traffic would be referrals from the organic listings on major search engines. Today, this will depend on how much PPC you do, how well indexed your website is, if you do offline advertising for your website, viral marketing, email marketing, etc…

But even if organic listings only account for 30% of your traffic, they have the potential to account for far more. And aside from being much cheaper, that traffic will be more trusting of your site because it was found through what is assumed to be an unbiased source i.e.: you didn't specifically pay to appear there.

A number of studies confirm that searchers consider the sites listed high in the search results to be of a better quality simply because of where they are positioned.

So add to the cost savings and potential traffic increases the trust factor and brand positioning that search engine optimisation brings and all of a sudden it once again sounds like a good idea, maybe even a requirement. The question now becomes, can you afford not to do it?

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