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     Submission Guidelines
Global Submit welcomes suggestions and will gladly review submissions of guides, tips and advice as well as websites.

Guides / Tips and Advice
Please note that Global Submit will only accept editorials that have been written specifically for publication on Global Submit or those written for your own site and to which you are giving us reprint permission.

We will not, under any circumstances, publish information that has previously been mass distributed; this includes publication on free reprint article directories. All suggested guides will be reviewed for originality, copyright violations, grammar, spelling, credibility and up to date advice.

Global Submit reserves the right to refuse to publish any editorial we feel does not meet our quality guidelines at our discretion and without explanation to the submitter. Any editorial that we agree to publish may be edited for style, grammar and spelling.

Information Resources and Websites
If you know of website that would be an asset to our resources section please do tell us about it. If it is a company website it should only be suggested for the sub categories listed under Web Marketing Services and Agencies.

Please note that we are extremely selective in which sites we choose to include and we may, at our sole discretion, ask that a mention is made of Global Submit on your website.

Suggestions of both editorials and websites should be made using the form on the contact page. Once the suggestion is received our editors will review it. If it is suitable we will let you know how and where it was published. We regret that we cannot reply to each suggestion.

Thank you for your interest.